Register with us

Registering is very straight forward, you can speak to a member of our dedicated team for assistance. Once your account is active you will receive a confirmation notifying you that access to buy or sell currency is available to use within our client area 24/7.  You will be allocated an account manager who will be able to assist you during normal business working hours.

Speak to a member of the team

If you would prefer to speak with a member of staff, please dial +44(0)20-7889-3000 Option 4, Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM.  We will be happy to assist you regarding all services including, quotes, exchanges, currency conversions or simply just managing your account.

Exchange, buy or sell

Once you know the amount of currency you wish to exchange, buy, or sell - after notifying us either over the phone or online funds will be transferred via a dedicated currency account.

Receive funds

On receiving funds, your currency will be exchanged at the agreed rate and transferred according to your instructions.

Track payments

You can log in at any time to track payments, exchanges and transfers or just to monitor the progress of your trades.

Utilising this specialist Currency Exchange knowledge offers commercial advantages to our clients.  If you require a better understanding of how we can achieve better exchange rates on currency transfers you are welcome to request a face to face meeting with an advisor.